Ride to Daisho con

For anyone interested in going to Daisho con and in need of a ride, I can drive a few people. I am already giving a ride to one person, so I only have three spots left (if you don't mind cramming). I will be in front of the P.S.C.'s lower doors facing the athletic center at 8:45 am. and will plan to leave at 9:00 am. Also, I will need specific directions to Daisho con.

Meeting Notes 11/15 + Smash Results

-Next week is bacon with Joe. 10:30 with Joe. Meet at the Bears Den and head over to the metals shop to eat your induction-cooked bacon (cooked in less than a minute!) Need 12 points to qualify for free bacon and cereal. If you haven't qualified points-wise. The bacon and cereal is $2. Therefore everyone is welcome!

-~Daisho Con is 11/21-11/23 in the Dells. If people carpool, WE WLL PAY FOR YOUR GAS! Also, we would like people to go to hand out some Plattecon flyers.

~The official title for Plattecon 27 is "Cowboys in Space" but may yet be altered. There are some conflicts points on this.

~Get your games registered for Plattecon: http://www.plattevillegaming.com/plattecon.php

~The area where quotes are posted for t-shirts is up! Get your posts in: http://www.plattevillegaming.com/forum

Also just pointing out the P bracket should be 2 and 1, we were just rushing to fill it in as the bracket had not been updated for a couple rounds. This may be true for other 2 and 0's.

- Just a reminder, the scholarship is up.

- Smash Results are here, as they are finishing:
Smash 4 Singles: http://challonge.com/sfddg33c/
Melee Doubles : http://challonge.com/wccquksc/
Project M Singles: http://challonge.com/z87zbwdc/

Masters Nov 13th

Games are being played. I also played Tiny Epic.