FYI No Meeting This Week

Just a friendly reminder, there is no meeting this week because of fall break. Have a fun weekend :)

Meeting Notes 10/18 + Smash Tournament Results

We watched Episode 4 of Firefly : Shindig

If you are interested in playing Warhammer 40K, message David Kaiserling on Facebook or the forum

There will be a Halloween Masters Party on Oct 30th. We will meet at the regular Masters time and place and move at 6:30 to University South. Snacks are provided and a movie will be watched.We will be watching The Skeleton of Cadavra and Army of Darkness in no determined order.

Plattecon is March 6th, 7th, 8th. If you would like to run a session at Plattecon, you can register here:
ANYONE can host a game, so get on that. However, if you are a paid member, you can "earn hours" for the sessions that you host. If you earn enough hours, you get into the con for free

If you participate in a weekly RPG remember to post under the RPG section of the forum for campaign to earn the point. (No post= No point)

The same goes with Masters, no forum post no points.

I finally remembered to plug the forum thread about exchanging 3DS Friend Codes and Wii U Friend info.

I also plugged the PGA Scholarship.

This is our schedule:
Oct. 23rd - No Masters for Fall break
Oct. 25th - No meeting for Fall break
Oct. 30th - Halloween Masters Party
Nov. 7-9th - GameHoleCon in Madison
Nov. 7-9th - WhatKhan in Rockford, IL
Nov. 21-23rd - DaishoCon in Wis. Dells

The results of the Smash Tournaments can be found here:
Grand Champion : QTip
Runner Up: Narbs

Grand Champion : Hundreds
Runner Up : Narbs

Masters! 16 October 2014

Let there be games!